Pratik Bhanushali

Product Manager with an eye for UX, Design, Tech and Marketing

About me

I believe in the `Left brain Right brain` theory. While having a good critical judgment, clear objectives and linear thinking is important, being an artist at heart is a quintessential trait for any Product Manager worth his salt.

That's where I find myself, at the intersection of the two.

I am from Mumbai, India and presently reside in Dallas, Texas. I am on the verge of completing my Master's degree from The University of Texas at Dallas with a concentration in Product Management and Data Analytics.

For the past 3 years, I've been associated with a range of e-commerce products like GetSetHome , BookMyShow and ThrowStallion. I focused primarily on shaping the Product strategy, prioritizing, UX design & most importantly, inspiring the team so that they share my vision for the product.

I indulge the right side of my brain by playing Drums & Guitar, or by attending Toastmasters meetings to hone my Prepared and Impromptu speaking skills

In general, my interests are much wider than my competencies, but I'm always trying to expand the latter to match the former.

Business Experience

TrackSafe GPS

Product Management Intern


Product Manager


Software Engineer


What People Say

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My technology IoT Startup was very fortunate to have Pratik join us during the summer of 2017. Pratik was tasked as a Product Manager to help drive the TrackSafe solution to market. His understanding of diverse software platforms and applications provided a leadership role in assisting the rest of the team to fast track ideas and dev concepts. Pratik was efficient, smart, and creative in prioritizing and completing tasks to meet very aggressive timelines. We also took advantage of his design skills when a strawman UX and website was needed. Pratik is a talented teacher as a team leader and patiently answered questions with examples and logic. His grades will show Pratik is intelligent but he also brought a keen enthusiastic enjoyment for projects and learning. I highly recommend Pratik as a Product Manager who communicates well and delivers a high quality product

Susan Smith Senior Consultant, Microsoft
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Pratik is one of the most talented person I have worked with. We have collaborated closely when we started work on GetSetHome and I have been very impressed with his methodical approach, his clear understanding of the business requirements thought he belongs to technology background and most importantly, his ability to understand, prioritize and manage the interests of various stakeholders. In my dealings with him in his role as a Product lead he has confirmed my original opinion - that he is intelligent, sharp, pro-active, grounded, focused and destined for the top. He is a pleasure to work with, takes great pride in his work and always gets the job done to a very high standard. Pratik is a great team player.

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Pratik and me are from the same college but never really got a chance to work together, we finally got an opportunity to work together at BookMyShow. One thing I really like about him is that when he is given a task, he not only completes it but does it beautifully, the code he writes is formatted, organised and tested! He is a fast learner and really loves UI/UX design. He's very kind and approachable and helps anyone and everyone who comes to him. I wish him a lot of luck in all his future endeavours.

Jenil Gogari Creator of Bulmaswatch, Ex: BookMyShow,